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 Afraican Vampire Sisters Nea[Domae] + Eloise

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PostSubject: Afraican Vampire Sisters Nea[Domae] + Eloise   Sat 26 Mar - 2:58

Domae ruean [Nea ru Eomad]

Cecillia Nightheart (Turned her to save her life is her teacher)
Ashlyn/Allison [1 of the 2 ]

+ Superman (Mostly just bothersome/annoying)
+ Eloise (Wanting her dead/poisoned her)

-Love Intrest
+ Constatine (Was Dating)
+ Baron (Had a Slight Crush on him)

Eloise Eomad [ayoma/Eaoma]

+ Superman (After explained that she wasn't a blood sucker but just took energy from some of the living creatures. helps take out some of the criminals.)

+ Constatine [For being by her sisters side]

-Love Intrest

None Yet

(The sisters are fraternal twins)
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Afraican Vampire Sisters Nea[Domae] + Eloise
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