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 Enchanted Nightmares

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PostSubject: Enchanted Nightmares   Fri 25 Sep - 14:09

It has been half a century since Harry defeated the evil Lord Voldemort but the prejudice of some against muggles and muggle borns never drifted away. There are still those who believe that they are superior to those of muggle ancestry and believe that the wizarding world should only be reserved to those of pure descent. Some pure bloods do not forgive the muggles for persecuting their kind centuries before and they still want to seek their revenge, but the closest the death eaters have ever gotten to ruling the world was back when Lord Voldemort was in power in 1998 but they are hoping another great yet evil wizard will rise among them and accomplish what Voldemort failed to do.

What nobody knew was that their wishes were about to be fulfilled.
"One young man will change the course of wizarding history. One who possesses wisdom but is cunning. One that will bring rejoice and satisfaction as well as torment and despair. He will rise to ultimate power but it would be short lived."
This is where our story begins...

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Enchanted Nightmares
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