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 Blue Rose RPG (Twin Peaks)

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PostSubject: Blue Rose RPG (Twin Peaks)   Fri 18 Sep - 7:52

A new forum based RPG set in the world of David Lynch and Mark Frost's "Twin Peaks." The game takes place after the last episode. All canon and new characters are welcome. If you play a cannon, try and figure out where they were as of the last episode. I can help with that.

We have the town of Twin Peaks including:
The Double R Diner
The Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station
The Roadhouse
The Bookhouse
The Packard Sawmill (remains)
The Great Northern Hotel
Big Ed's Gas Farm
All the character homes are going to be made. (Horne's, Packards, Martels, Palmers, Haywards, Hurleys)
Ghostwood Forest

Other locations such as Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston are also made. And we have an Otherworlds area for the Black Lodge and it's Waiting Room and the White Lodge for all the fans of the Man From Another Place. "I want all my garmonbozia!"

Characters currently needed:
Special Agent Dale Cooper (maybe)
Special Agent Gordon Cole
Special Agent Chester Desmond
Special Agent Albert Rosenfield
Special Agent Philip Jefferies (maybe)
Special Agent Sam Stanely
Agent Dennis/Denise Bryson

Local Law Enforcement
Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Deputy Hawk
Deputy Andy Brennan
Lucy Moran

Sarah Palmer
Doctor William Hayward
Donna Hayward
Harriet Hayward
Gersten Hayward
Benjamin Horne
Jerry Horne
Sylvia Horne
Audrey Horne (maybe)
Johnny Horne
Catherine Martel
Pete Martel
Major Garland Briggs
Betty Briggs
Bobby Briggs
"Big" Ed Hurley
Nadine Hurley
James Hurley
Norma Jennings
Hank Jennings (maybe)
Annie Blackburn
Leo Johnson
Shelly Johnson
Doctor Lawrence Jacoby
Mike "Snake" Nelson
Margaret "The Log Lady" Lanterman
Dick Tremaine

There is also room for people like Mike the magician, BOB, Senor Droolcup and some of the various Lodge Spirits and magicians.

Blue Rose: A Twin Peaks Role Playing Game

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"And sometimes, when you fall, you learn to fly."

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Blue Rose RPG (Twin Peaks)
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