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 Here it is Clois Foreve

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PostSubject: Here it is Clois Foreve   Thu 25 Jun - 2:24

tell me if you like it because its jsut the beginningClois Forever

So far Chloe and Jimmy have had their wedding and now there at the reception party Lana hadn’t come she mailed a sweet present from Europe instead. Now we are at the time for the famous Clois dance and kiss though I am expanding it so that they went past doomsday and Jimmy only got a bloody nose because doomsday immediatly stopped thinking of his love for Chloe and plotting somethingelse. So here it goes.

Clark saw Lois she looked at him and she rolled her eyes and said guess I can give these well heeled puppies a rest. But just as she tried to walk way Clark grabbed her hand and she faced him he smiled and said Lois! The song requiem played and she took his hand and smiled. He wrapped his arms around her waist she put her she lifted hers to rest on his shoulders as they began to slow dance.

Then someone bumped into them and they broke apart then they looked into eachothers eyes and Lois put her hand on his chest and slowly Lois and Clark leaned closer and Clark kissed her passionately and Lois responded with no hesistation kissing him with intense passion only he could take. When they broke apart everyone clapped and then shouted Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! So Clark put his hand on the small of his back then he gently swung her back and kissed her passionately,Lois kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her off the floor kissing her intensely and she responded back with just as much passion.

Finally they broke apart and everyone clapped and whistled and shouted go Clois another shouted Clois forever Jimmy said C.K. you rock another shouted Lois go get him tiger.They turned and faced everyone and said Thank you all. Then after they had all toasted to Chloe and Jimmy he said, attention everyone I would like to make a toast To Lois Lane. Lois Joanne Lane I love you so much you are my soulmate and true love you are my everything and my universe. Everyone said to Lois Lane and they raised their glasses and downed them in one gulp and then lowered them.

I love you Clark Kent Lois said with a smile.As I love you Lois. Clark kissed her gently and then pulled back. Then he scooped her up into his arms and said let’s go talk to Chloe and Jimmy. Lois wraps her arms around his neck and said Clark I would love that. Clark smiled and shifted her bridal style in his arms and said your wish is my command love. He carried her over to Chloe and Jimmy and she smiled and punched his shoulder and then she said since when did you decided to call me love? Since you told me you loved me Lois and when we kissed. Well keep it up I love it honey she said with a big smile.

Chloe and Jimmy said well now that we have the facts to prove it considering that we videotaped the whole wedding and everything you said with a mini videocamera. Well Olsen can you come here Lois said. Sure Lois punched him hard in the arm. Lois that hurt a lot Jimmy said. Well Next time learn to not tape anyones love exchanges Lois said. Lois Clark restrained her in his arms massaging her thigh a little to distract her it worked.

Well you two love birds Tess said she had some wonderful news for you she is over their dancing a little too intimately to be just a plain dance. Did you tape that Lois asked excitedly! Of course I did to catch that was genius now we can blackmail her or make her reveal her feelings for Ollie thank you Olsen Lois said she hugged him for a second and then said that stays a secret that I was excited Love she said with a warning to Clark.

They danced and kissed then Lois fell and Clark caught her and took her to the farm and then he hesistated to change her clothes but he did at super speed he laid her on the bed and then found one of his flannel shirts and put it on her. How could she make a flannel shirt make her look like she was America’s top model? He laid down and wrapped her in his arms then he fell asleep happy and content.

Then Next Morning Lois woke up and saw Clark sleeping she brushed her hand on his face and then decided to go and do something nice for her love. She took a quick 5 minute shower then she quickly changed into a purple blouse with a black skirt and black pumps. Then she made breakfast of one of the only thigns Martha taught her that she could make bacon and eggs with a side of toast she set it on two plates and got out the utensils.

Clark woke up and smelled a delicous smell he used super speed and took a shower and put on a blue t shirt with a red jacket and new designer jeans thanks Tess he thought then he slipped on a pair of sneakers and gelled his hair the usual way then he zipped down the stairs and kissed Lois passionately. She kissed him back and then said sit down they ate in silence and she knew she loved him so much and if she couldn’t be his she would die.

Clark said Lois I know we just admitted our feelings for eachother and that you might not be ready but I have to bring you somewhere first. Lois go dress in your red blouse along with the matching skirt that and your black boots and balck trench coat with your fringed scarf and hat. 5 minutes Lois came down in the outfit smiling but she took the hat off as soon as Clark saw her. Okay Lois he scooped her up into his arms and instead of just jumping they were flying Lois made him want to be strong so he flew her to the Kawatchi caves and then set her down gently.

Smallville I have been in the caves once but have never been here she gave him a look that said Explain now! How’d you find it Lois asked? It was left here for me. It's sort of a transportation portal, Lois. I'll never forget the first time I took Lana showed it to her and took her to the fortress," Clark told her, a smile spreading over his face. I had dreamed about it often."But now I have dreamed of taking you Lois he said with a smile that made her melt. You’ll love it I promise.

"What? What are you talking about Clark? I've never been here before - nor to the fortress," Lois said, looking at Clark strangely.
No Lois Lana has .
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PostSubject: Re: Here it is Clois Foreve   Sun 23 Aug - 21:47

is a interresting history after two hours of transaltion i appreciate the danse and the romance and this féminine touch i dream to creat a fan fiction to but me is not just romance lol.
congretulation lana i hope you creat another story with samllville and characters creat for the forum
juste a question who is clana?
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Here it is Clois Foreve
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